First Time - Master w/starter So sticky, cant ball it

Hey guys. Pictures attached.
My first pizza attempt :) I failed.
Trying to work out where I went wrong. I just couldn't ball the dough. It was a sticky mess!

I *thought* I followed the book to the letter, but probably made a mistake somewhere.
Dough was super super sticky. I imagine it must have been over hydrated maybe?

0.36 grams fresh yeast
47 grams Caputo 00
47 grams bottled water (reverse ozmosis)
18 hours room temp

=-Master Dough=-
5.9 grams fresh yeast
70 grams warm water
453 grams Caputo 00 Reinforza flour
10 grams diastatic Malt
210 grams Ice water
90 grams Poolish (i didnt weigh this, i just assumed it was 90)
10 grams fine Pink Himalayan Salt
5 grams EVOO

It combined in the mixer almost instantly and didnt really leave any mess on the side of the stand mixer bowl. Seemed good at that stage.

Took it out on the bench and struggled to knead it due to sticking to my hands, but managed it ok. It was also sticking to the marble benchtop too a bit.

Balling it was a nightmare. so unbelievably sticky. Nothing I could do would help.

Any help would be appreciated. I have a video I can send as well to see how the balling process looked.

Medium img 20180305 183122

Medium img 20180306 094537

Medium img 20180306 144816

Medium img 20180306 155833

Medium capture

Medium img 20180307 193658

John Soden
posted 11 days ago

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Did you put any flour on the bench when you were working it? Whenever my dough is sticky I just keep adding some flour on top while working it

Justin P.
posted 9 days ago

It's most likely the flour. Been making bread/pizza as a serious hobby for 40 years. Worked with sourdough cultures (Ed Woods-has collected all over the world and sells online), poolish method, long fermentation, fresh yeast, you name it to get more flavor in the dough. For thick crust pizza with heavy toppings still rely on a no fail recipe by a pizza maven published in Fine Cooking in 1994. Have all the books. Experimented with countless recipes. Because my tastes have changed and I wanted a thinner New York style crust, I finally got around to trying the same Master recipe you've used. Because I couldn't get my hands on the right flour locally I decided to give the recipe a whirl anyway. The dough was not as wet as yours but too wet. And after 24 hrs in the fridge the balls had lost their spring. I threw it out. After seeing shipping costs for the flour I wanted I drove 3 hrs round trip yesterday to pick up the right flour at a restaurant food service store. Same recipe, right flour, perfect results. It could also be an inaccurate scale. I had to invest almost $300 years ago to get a scale with decent accuracy and even then, it only measure in increments as small as 1 gm. How someone can expect accuracy from a $35 palm scale that reads to 0.01 is beyond me. I trust my measuring spoons more. Don't give up! Persevere! You're gonna make some great pizza someday and make a lot of friends in the process.

janet S.
posted 6 days ago

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