Flat Neapolitan home pizza

Horrible pizza dough!
I saw a recipe for home Neapolitan pizza on YouTube by professional Neapolitan pizza makes. What on earth could've gone wrong.

* I heated the pizza stone at maximum heat for an hour.
* Made Poolish (24hr raise)
* Raised dough balls room temp for 8hrs before refrigerating for 36hrs before use.
457gr Tipo00 Flour
15grs Sea Salt
15mls Oil
1gr Yeast
285mls Water.
* Dough balls 280gr .
* I stretched dough and pressed air to the crust as you would.
Only issue I could think of is the fresh yeast might be out of date. It's about 3 weeks old.

Any suggestions?

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Cindy C.
posted 10 months ago

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