Flour problem

Since i live in Germany i cant get any of the flours in your book except caputo. I got a oven that can reach till 400 celcius Grad with upper and lower element. My question is which kind of flour would you use ? Do you know anything about flours in germany?

marlboro man
posted almost 5 years ago

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Versuch's erstmal mit Mehl Typ 550 (US - Bread flour) und wenn Du staerkeres brauchst, Typ 1050 (US - High Gluten).

Viel Spass.


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Mike K.
posted almost 5 years ago

Type 550 is a weak flour of protein. Above 55% - 56% hydration you need some serious skills to stretch it after you take it out of refre and let the dough 1 hour Cool down in room temp. I experienced it a lot of time. You must be very careful and gentle othewise you will have some thin spots in the dough very quickly. ( I stretch 50-60 dough balls With hand everyday :)

- marlboro   almost 5 years ago

Hi Mike

I already tried type 550. I can say it is definitely NOT like us bread flour. Type 550 has just 11% protein( KABF has close to 13%) You can't go with %60 hydration with that flour. It won't be able hold the gas inside and after 24 hours it will break down. you will just have very very sticky dough that can't be stretched with hand. I already know the link you posted. From my experiences,us flours and German flours are definetely different.

marlboro man
posted almost 5 years ago

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