Flours in Canada.

Trying to find flours and ingredients (listed in the bible) in Canada has been quite difficult. Any suggestions or other brands anyone might be able to provide? Thanks so much.

Kevin C.
posted almost 5 years ago

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Hi Kevin, I'm not too familiar with Canadian flour brands. Can you list the common ones you've found?

Also, in a few days, we'll be launching a store on the Pizza Bible site that will provide access to most of the flours mentioned in the book. We will ship to Canada!

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Thanks Raj! I have been finding the standard 'all purpose flour' that is typically found in grocery stores. But that is amazing to hear about the online store! I'll probably be the first order!

- Kevin   almost 5 years ago

Hi Kevin, Tony asked me to see if I could help you find the flours and some of the specialty ingredients you're looking for. What part of Canada are you from? Which flours are you looking for?

Diana C.
posted almost 5 years ago

Thanks Diana.

I currently reside in Edmonton, Alberta and the flour I'm looking for is those typical of the master dough recipe shown in Tony's book. Still a new pizzaiola.

Also, the yeasts shown in the book are tough to find as well so any insight would be great.

The reason, I am hesitant to try random flours and brands is because Tony speaks specifically to certain flours for their protein percentage/gluten.

I'm still new to this (haven't made a pie yet) so I'm a little discouraged heading in the wrong direction immediately. Like Tony say's 'respect the craft'.

The other ingredients like cheese, canned tomatoes, toppings, are not as big a concern as I know some local Italian grocery stores that have great quality ingredients.

However, once the online store is up and running, Ill definitely make a few orders on canned tomatoes and other products so I can compare to what we have here in Edmonton.

Thanks so much,


- Kevin   almost 5 years ago

If you go into one of the Italian specialty food shops in Edmonton and ask about ordering a 'Caputo' brand of flour, they should be able to help you buy it. You will probably only be able to get it in a 20kg bag though. They are probably your best bet to source the things like malt. Specialty yeasts may be a little trickier to find. There is a Canadian flour that is milled to the Italian '00' standards (pretty sure it's milled close to you), but it usually isn't available for 'home pizziolos', only large suppliers like Sysco carry/source it and they only sell to commercial accounts - again it's only available in a 20kg bag, and it's a special order, but it's a very nice flour. I'm in Winnipeg, let me know if I can be of any further help:).

- Diana   almost 5 years ago

Greetings from Gabriola Island, not the crossroads of artisan flours or cheeses, but a great place! I have been working through the local flours in my pursuit of a great Pizza since last April and am now pleased with the result using a locally available flour, at 12.2 protein. I am using Rogers unbleached all purpose and have been very pleased with the results. I use the Poolish, 48 hours in the fridge, 2 1/2 hours out to warm up and cook in the "Bakerstone Box" at about 720 degrees. I can supply pics if you like . . . .
Have to say, Thank you Tony for the book a great resource!

Greg S.
posted almost 5 years ago

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