General Mills All Trumps Flour

I need a formula for a 50lb batch of General Mills All Trumps Flour for a New York style thin crust using fresh yeast. Can someone help?

Christopher R.
posted about 5 years ago

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14 quarts of room temperature water
1 quart warm water mixed with 4 oz yeast
(15 quarts water in total)
13 oz sugar
13 oz salt
1 full cup olive oil

In dough mixer add sugar and 14 quarts water
mix for a few minutes
add 50 flour
mix for a few minutes
add last quart of water and yeast mix
mix for a few minutes
add salt
mix for a few minutes
finally add oil
mix to finish , if to soft and small amount of flour
if to hard add small amout of water

let sit coverd for 20 minutes
cut and roll
will be good for next day use, make sure to get dough to room temp, before cooking in oven.

Carmine Testa
posted about 5 years ago

12.5 quarts of water temp depends on time of year. I would say for winter 3 -4 degree's higher.
3 1/2 oz yeast
10 oz sugar
8 oz salt
8 oz EVOO
pout the water,sugar, and yeast into the bowl. Next using a whisk mix very well until bubbles form about 2-3 mins.add flour and set timer for 13 mins
after 3 mins have passed add salt
at 7 mins add the oil
dough should be smooth and bowl should be free of any dough on the sides.
place the dough on a able and cover for 10-15 mins. cut to size and place into trays. coat dough balls with water or a little oil.
cross stack dough tray and place into the walk in for 10-12 mins.
re-stack trays and let sit for 24-48 hours before using.

joe carlucci
posted about 5 years ago

I like to use a 100% hydrated "All Trumps" starter
(recipe is in Bakers %)

All Trumps Starter
All Trumps = 100%
Water = 100%
ADY = .5%
(ferment starter at room temperature for 17-24hours)

Dough Recipe (final dough hydration including starter = 67%)
All Trumps Flour = 100%
Water = 60%
Active Dry Yeast= 0.1%
Sea Salt = 2.5%
Extra Virgin Olive Oil = 2%
Diastatic Malt = 2.5%
All Trumps Starter = 30%

I like to do a "bulk cold fermentation" (41degrees) for 17hours. Then I cut and ball the bulk fermented dough and let it cold ferment/rest for another 2-4 hours. Before pushing my dough for service, I will allow dough to reach 55-60degrees F.

Dough balls for an awesome crispy, chewy, Thin Thin "NY Style" Crust =
10" Pizza = 5oz
14" Pizza = 8oz
18" Pizza = 16oz

Good Luck and Post some Pics!!!!

Jeff Smoke
posted about 5 years ago

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