Grande Cheese in the Midwest

I am looking for Grande Cheese Whole Milk Mozzarella in the St Louis MO area. Does anyone know of a company that carries Grande or a good online shopping option?

For awhile I was using the whole foods mozzarella and really loved it but I believe they have changed cheese since they switched over to amazon. If anyone knows of a good substitute to grande please let me know. I have really enjoyed working through the recipes in the pizza bible and am hoping to improve my pizzas with some really good fresh mozzarella.

Ethan R.
posted 5 months ago

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Check May not be whole . Great store.

Leonard OHart
posted 5 months ago

Hi Ethan
I totally understand your frustration in finding Grande Mozzarella locally to you.
You might have some luck with Vern's Cheese here in Wisconsin. I would think they would deliver to your location, unless there are some temperature restrictions during summer months. Try them at
All of the Grande varieties are sold there. I have a local cheese store that can order and get me stuff from Vern's delivered to them in a central Wisconsin route serviced by Vern's.
I had a problem getting my Escalon 6 in 1 tomatoes at a reasonable price until I found a large Italian specialty wholesaler in the Milwaukee area that would sell me cases of the smaller 28 oz. cans that I prefer for my pizza and spaghetti sauce.

Medium grandeeastcoastblend

John Gestner
posted 3 months ago

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