Grandma Pizza fail...

Need some direction on my first attempt at the grandma that was a definite fail in my opinion. I followed the recipe completely with a 48 hour rise and 2 hour rest period, stretching the dough twice over 1/4 cup olive oil in my pan on the hour. My pan was slightly smaller than what is recommended in the recipe by one inch on either side. Cooked at 500 degrees on top pizza stone for 8 min, rotated 180 degrees and cooked on lower stone for 7 minutes, then popped back on top stone for additional minute due to moisture from the whole milk mozzarella I was using. Had some trouble getting the pie out of the pan and noticed how gooey it seemed pulling from the pan. Crust at the ages seemed perfect but when I bit into the middle of the first piece, the pizza was all doey and seemed unfinished at the middle. I am not sure what went wrong here? Half the pie I used Muir Glenn diced tomatoes that I made SURE to drain beforehand; the other half I put sauce on top of the pizza AFTER it came out of the oven, so the only moisture that I could assume that threw things off was from the moisture from the cheese. Could my pan being 1 inch shorter in length/width been that big of a deal? Should I have bumped the temperature up to 550? Would diced tomatoes be a culprit? Any direction would be appreciated. Sorry that I don't have any photos.

robert C.
posted 6 months ago

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Bumping the temp up will not help your prblem as the pizza will cook even faster. Sounds like the middle was underbaked so I would actually lower the temp and cook the pizza longer. Or just leave it at 500 and a couple of mins to the bake.

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Mike K.
posted 5 months ago

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