Guinness Stout Sausage

One of my favorite pies is the Guinness Stout sausage at Tony’s restaurants. He makes a sausage with Stout, a dough with stout and a stout reduction glaze over the top. I’m trying to find a recipe for the sausage he makes. Anyone have a clue?

Dale Olstinske
posted 3 months ago

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This is very similar to Tony’s. She substitutes all the water with beer in her dough, from what I read, most recommend only about 25% beer, 75% water. The sausage recipe looks great. Tony also adds smoked salt to the finished pie.

Dale Olstinske
posted 2 months ago

That jogged my memory of having read these:

I've made doughs with beer, but never with a stout, and mostly as a way to cheat and add some complexity to the flavor of a morning of dough.

If you make the sausage let us know how it turns, I'm interested to tet that.

Christopher S.
posted about 2 months ago

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