I have been making a lot of Detroit Style pies lately and some of my pizzas had a gumline. Not all of them. Any advice on how to avoid this and what causes it?

Mark S.
posted over 4 years ago

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Are you parbaking the crust?

Several reasons for a gum line

Dough is cold
Too much dough (weight)
Oven is too hot
Too much of a browning agent- sugar, malt, honey
Dough is not ready / mature yet- you used it too early
Sauce if your using before the bake - is too cold

What flour are you using? Recipe

Let us know some details

Tony Gemignani admin
posted over 4 years ago

I do parbake the crust. I have a steel on the top rack and stone on the bottom. I am using a variety of flour. Last time I used Tony's Artisan flour, and the Detroit Style recipe from The Pizza Bible. The only thing I changed is the hydration. I use a different hydration point on each one. Tonight I made one, and used a different yeast, just incase it is my yeast. I did cut back the malt. Tonight I made a dough with:

66% hydration
297 grams Sir Lancelot flour
3 grams yeast
6 grams salt
3 grams malt
3 grams oil

I used anywhere from 500 to 510 grams per dough ball for a 10"x14" Detroit Style pan. My sauce always goes on top after it is cooked.I know the dough is not cold, I took a temperature reading. But the oven? I will find a theometer to put in it next time I cook and check that part. What I do different, is when I store the dough in the fridg, I use a plastic bowl with lid with oil sprayed in it.

Mark S.
posted over 4 years ago

Ok.....I cooked another DSP pizza this evening in my Loydpan...which I had problems burning my crust. I used Tony G recipe for the DSP......I have been using a steel on top and a stone on the bottom. My pizza before the one I cooked tonight I did some adusting....cooked it at 450 and cut down on the malt...that one turned out good.....tonight I put back my old stone on top....stone on top and bottom and cooked the pizza at 500.......the pizza turned out great. I did cut back the malt on this conclusion...if you use a loyd pan, cut back on the malt....if you use a steel, you may have to cut back on the temp.......I know all ovens cook it is a matter of learning what you can do with your system.
No gum line on this pizza...I used Sir Lance a lot flour..and a different yeast and less malt.
Next time I will use my steel pans and see what happens....I really like the sticking at all....did not have to chisel one out, like I do on my steel pans.

- Mark   over 4 years ago

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