This is my 2nd dough making project: Master Dough with Starter.

Yesterday, made my starter (Poolish) and it fermented very well within 12+ hours. So I made a corporate decision to make my dough this morning. Started at 7am and used sugar for my browning agent as I've not yet found Diastatic Malt.

Dough came out of my mixer purrrrrrr-fect. Kneading for few minutes and into a glass bowl covered with wet kitchen towel for 20 mins.

Removed dough from bowl and weighed it; then divided equally into 3 portions and balled it. I then placed 3 balls into my dough-tray and put into frig. I may take 2 balls out and freeze them as that is really my goal --- to have homemade pizza dough at the ready, anytime I want it.

NOTE: Watching a few of Tony's YouTube videos really helped me get the full scope of how to handle and make my dough look almost like his!!!

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Kathryn Wickstrom
posted 12 months ago

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