HELP! At my wits end!

I have worked on developing a traditional Neapolitan-style pizza dough and bought The Bible and went to work replicating the recipe to the gram! Every step was followed to the letter with little success (the flavor was great thanks to the barley malt) and a lot of frustration.

Specifically, the dough always comes out far too elastic and difficult to work with - I can't get it to stretch out to a decent size for a nice, thin crust even after tossing it. It always returns back to a tight, small (7-8"), disc that is too thick and chewy after cooking (I am cooking at 750º+ F).

I've also noticed that after the initial mixing the dough always looks far more hydrated than the images I see in the book, even after a couple days the dough balls "melt" a bit and meld into one another - they should be nice, dry, smooth rounds of dough - but no love! I also made a batch at the last minute by adding some standard, general purpose flour the same day I cooked - that was MUCH easier to handle and turned out better, but not as flavorful - probably because the general purpose flour had a lower protein content than the Caputo Blue I used, and thus, more elastic? Not certain, only a guess.

My questions are this:
1) Why is my dough coming out so tough and elastic? Even after 3-4 days?
2) Why is it more wet and sticky than it should be when temperature, ingredients, etc. are all dead-on accurate to the book? (I live at a slight altitude of 2,500 ft, but don't think that's enough to affect the moisture this significantly).
3) If I need to add more flour to my mixture, how should I judge it?

Thanks so much. I have tried so many times with the same results, I need to figure out a better solution.

Mark L.
posted over 2 years ago

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Maybe try watching his videos on YouTube. I've never had issues with any recipe

Russell Vilt
posted about 2 years ago

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