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Hello Everyone,
I think I am starting to master my pizza dough, but I still need to work on the yeast part.

Now I'd like to use any tips from you guys on backing in a regular home oven. Mine doesn't go over 230C.

I have a stone, on top of which I added a heavy metal plat, positioned 10cm from the broiler. I leave to heat ~1hour before cooking. And keep opening the door to avoid power cycling.

Experiment1: The bottom of the pie doesn't cook, while the top was basically burned. .

Experiment2: I put the pizza on an electric pancake griddle first, 5 minutes. Then moved the pie under the oven's broiler 5 minutes. This did the trick to some extent, but the the slow cooking on the griddle made my pizza soggy in the middle, I think the griddle doesn't get that hot!

Next experiment: I'll try a very large pan on the stove on max, and put the sauce progressively.

My ultimate goal is to make a nice puffy napolitana in an apartment, without buying expensive/dangerous gears such as a blackstone. I saw some videos on Youtube of a modified Pizza Express (I guess this falls under dangerous).

Any advice or experience to achieve that goal would be welcome !

thanks again for your help

Djellel D.
posted about 4 years ago

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I'd try to preheat for a little longer, maybe an hour and a half total. Also, what kind of metal is the plate made from? From what I understand not all are equally effective for the purpose of baking. For example, copper heats very evenly and quickly, but steel transfers the heat much, much better. So in an oven, where the material is going to preheat for long time, the material will get hot equally and thoroughly anyway. Consequently, copper's even heating is moot. It might be that your plate is not transferring the heat as effectively as the baking stone itself would.

Christopher S.
posted about 4 years ago

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