How can I tell if my dough is over risen?

I usually make a few balls of dough at a time since it's more efficient. The first couple I use are always great. The remaining balls I tend use to over the course of the next couple of days. Sometimes they're good, sometimes, they're not depending on when I use them.

What are the visual signs of an over risen ball of dough?

Peter Lewis
posted about 5 years ago

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Hi Peter, over risen dough will show signs of being tired. If you gently poke the dough it will generally start to deflate the entire ball. Your finger indentation will not bounce back at all. Also, when you pick up the dough, it will be super extensible ... almost taffy like but not overly sticky.

I would Reduce the amount of yeast by a quarter or reduce your bulk fermentation time and out the dough balls in the refrigerator quicker. Also, find the coolest spot in your fridge ... this will minimize temperature fluctuations that result from opening and closing the refrigerator frequently.

Nicky Giusto
posted about 5 years ago

Peter, I would suggest that you take pics of the dough that you think is optimal and also of the dough that you think is over fermented. This will give you a visual record that you can refer to. Very large bubles on top of the fermenting DB (dough ball), and large irregular holes on the bottom are pretty keen signs that your dough is blown(over fermented). I personally ferment my DBs ina clear container so that I can see the bottom of the dough. If you use a solid lid it is recommended by some that you put a pin hole in the top to let excess gasses escape during fermentation. What is it about the dough that you think is" not good"? I have used dough that I know is over fermented and it has produced good skins and tasty crust. Part of the key is how you handle the dough and how you open the DB.


- Mark   about 5 years ago

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