how long should it take?

I have a dough ball that is cold fermenting in my fridge. It's been in there for 24 hours, and will be in for another 24 hours before I use it.

I just took it out of the fridge after it's been in there for 24 hours.
It's quite stiff but still sort of pliable.

I think I read in the Pizza Bible to get the dough out maybe 2-3 hours before I want to use it for pizza. However, since it is so stiff after only 24 hours in the fridge, I don't foresee it softening enough after only 2-3 hours.

So, If I'm letting it sit at room temperature (72 F) to warm up, about how much time should I give it to be warm enough to be usable?? (I'm hoping to get it in the oven by 6:30 pm.

Tory Glenn
posted 12 months ago

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try this method

it makes great dough ....wht you use for flour is on you though

Gaetano Cammorata
posted 12 months ago

Ok, thanks very much :)

- Tory   12 months ago

there is no reason you cant leave it out all day before you use it ....i do ....when im removing it from the bag /storage container , it may be sticky which is to bve expected ...i just coat my hands with flour and then stretch it out ...enjoy

Gaetano Cammorata
posted 12 months ago

just test the dough for readiness by flouring your finger and pushing a dent into your dough ball. If the dimple evens out almost fully and relatively quick, your dough needs more time.

Ulli Haus
posted 11 months ago

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