how long should it take?

I have a dough ball that is cold fermenting in my fridge. It's been in there for 24 hours, and will be in for another 24 hours before I use it.

I just took it out of the fridge after it's been in there for 24 hours.
It's quite stiff but still sort of pliable.

I think I read in the Pizza Bible to get the dough out maybe 2-3 hours before I want to use it for pizza. However, since it is so stiff after only 24 hours in the fridge, I don't foresee it softening enough after only 2-3 hours.

So, If I'm letting it sit at room temperature (72 F) to warm up, about how much time should I give it to be warm enough to be usable?? (I'm hoping to get it in the oven by 6:30 pm.

Tory Glenn
posted about 2 years ago

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try this method

it makes great dough ....wht you use for flour is on you though

Gaetano Cammorata
posted about 2 years ago

Ok, thanks very much :)

- Tory   about 2 years ago

there is no reason you cant leave it out all day before you use it ....i do ....when im removing it from the bag /storage container , it may be sticky which is to bve expected ...i just coat my hands with flour and then stretch it out ...enjoy

Gaetano Cammorata
posted about 2 years ago

just test the dough for readiness by flouring your finger and pushing a dent into your dough ball. If the dimple evens out almost fully and relatively quick, your dough needs more time.

Ulli Haus
posted about 2 years ago

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