How to Measure Yeast for Poolish Starter

My palm scale has not arrived yet and my current scale only registers to o grams. What is the best way for me to measure 0.36 grams of fresh yeast for the Poolish Starter?

Joe Carbone
posted over 1 year ago

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Hi Joe: I recommend you measure out 1 gram on your digital scale and then eyeball-out a little more than a third with a razor or small spatula. Otherwise, I think you could also use a scant 1/8 of teaspoon of the fresh yeast. I think you'll be in the ballpark. Good luck! Send us pics.

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Maria .
posted over 1 year ago

I would like palm scale brand recommendations. I will have to order online because I have not been able to find one locally. thanks in advance

Tracy R.
posted about 1 year ago

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