How to test dough

I've made my third batch of the master dough recipe .
I posted here there weeks ago the the dough tasted the best I've ever had , but was sticky and hard to work with.

It was especially hard to get off the peel even though we used plenty of flower.

I have a wood fired oven and didn't use the malt. Do I add the same grams of flower that is called for if I don't use the malt.

This last batch, I kept adding the flour in my KA until the dough became a ball and the mixing bowl was clean. No extra flour or dough was stuck to the bowl. I haven't made a pizza with it yet, but I noticed it didn't rise very much in the fridge.

My question is.......
Is there a good way to tell by feel and sight when the dough is perfectly mixed correctly. There is so many variables , type of flour, type of water, home temp., elevation, etc that no recipe can be written to take in consideration all these variables . So grams of water and flour can change for each person.

Also, I've read comments here about making a good ball. It's hard for me to read about making a good ball and understanding it completely . I would like to see Tony make a YouTube video about this

Ron W.
posted almost 5 years ago

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Here's a video of Tony balling dough:

There are a lot of variables. While water temperature, room temperature, final dough temperature and mix time might change, there shouldn't be a reason for weight measurements to change.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

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