Impact of time and temperature on dough

I'm looking for help in this forum that can help me understand the impact on a pizza of proofing both in mass form and in ball form and both at room temperature and fridge. Ideally, there exist linear relationships (or some other graph) between these times and flavor? strenght?

I'm trying to get to the optimum time that my dough should proof/rest as dough mass, at room temperature and / or in the fridge and then in ball form (again, room temp and fridge).

For instance, and using an extreme example, what would the pizza be like or taste like if I formed a ball straight from mixing and shaped a pizza straight from forming the ball and cooked it? vs. the other extreme which would be letting the mass rest / proof for a day, then letting it in the fridge for a day, then form the balls, and let those rest at room temp for a day and then in the fridge for a day.

How different would these pizzas be?

My constants which I want to stick to in order to not make this an unsolvable equation are dough recipe (00 flour, 60% hydration, ADY, salt) and fire (WBO at 1,000 Deg)



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posted 12 months ago

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