Is it better to use fresh tomatoes or canned tomatoes for pizza sauce?

I've been trying to perfect my sauce and have recently started using fresh tomatoes instead of canned. The results haven't been too promising. Surprisingly, my sauce with canned tomatoes is meaningfully better than my sauce with fresh tomatoes. Overall the canned tomatoes are more tasty and "tomatoey". The fresh ones are somewhat bland.

I would have thought that fresh tomatoes would blow away the canned variety. Is this not the case? Or am I doing something wrong?

David Burke
posted about 5 years ago

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The modern canning of tomatoes is pretty impressive. Search Stanislaus or Escalon's website, they aren't doing things half way, those tomatoes go into the can within hours or being pulled and are preserved very well. Using a tomato sauce from a can that has no additives will yield a professional result. Add EVOO, fresh oregano, fresh garlic etc to take it over the top but the texture is ideal from these professional companies.

Mike Bausch
posted about 5 years ago

Are you cooking the fresh tomatoes first? Canned tomatoes have already been cooked as part of the canning process. Be sure to cook your tomatoes into a sauce, not just blend or process them into a sauce. Also be sure you are choosing a high quality tomato. Many of the store bought tomatoes are grown hydroponically and have much less taste than those grown in real dirt.

Michael Shepherd
posted about 5 years ago

I use hand crushed canned tomatoes and a little salt when I make Neapolitan pizzas. I recently experimented using fresh tomatoes from the Farmer's Market - and I'm talking about really ripe ones, almost ready to pop and easily bruised. I blanched them in hot water, peeled off the skin, hand crushed, and simmered with a little salt and fresh basil. It was amazing! I think the trick is using organic, ripe tomatoes. Not the hydroponic ones that are firm and pale in color. Good luck!

Sharlene M.
posted about 5 years ago

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