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Hi, Im cooking my pizzas in my restaurant using an electric deck oven which uses separate top and bottom thermostats, each with a setting that ranges from 0 to 10. The oven manual suggests setting the top to number 7 and the bottom to 5.5. I'd like to use pans because I hate the mess flour makes in the kitchen. It gets everywhere and burns in the oven.

Anyway. I tried the see through pans with the holes because I saw a top restaurant here using them, but I can't get the temperature right. I'm thinking about buying pans without holes. The ones I'm interested in are black. But again I wouldn't know the right temperature either. I know all the ovens are different but, does anyone know if I have to put the top and the bottom the same temperature cos I tried that once and didn't really work. when you cook the pizza without pan the top bit has to be hotter then the bottom but as I mentioned, I'm using pans with holes and it doesn't really work. Thanks.

Whisley D.
posted about 3 years ago

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It sounds like you need to do some experimenting. First off, what style of pizza are you trying to make? And what's the specific brand/model of the oven? Others will be more likely/able to help if they had more information.

Second, what's the end result you're going for? And what's happening when you use the pan? Again, people probably want to help, but don't have enough information, and as a result, aren't replying to your question.

Based on what you've mentioned so far, I wouldn't buy new pans yet. Chances are the pan and the oven are just fine.

If bottom is undercooked, increase the bottom heat. If the top is undercooked, then increase the top heat. I'd suggest starting with the settings suggested and adjusting in one point increments. You'll be able to get it right within a few tries. Take notes and pictures so you remember what works and what didn't. Also, If you adjust the setting, wait the proper amount of time for the oven temperature to adjust.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 3 years ago

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