Master Dough 2.0

A week ago I took another stab to dial TG's Master dough in with my oven, which runs unusually hot for a generic GE range.

Here's the 2.0 version of it with increased hydration and oil. Not a huge increase...just a 1% in hydro and 0.5% in oil. Dough is coming along nicely after 24 hrs in the fridge. No need to knock back (degassing).

It's very smooth and just ferments at a really nice rate and pace.

Pics show the dough after 24 hrs and the cue card with the formula and mixing procedure.

This formula makes enough dough for three 18" size pizzas at 616 grams or six 13" pies at 308 grams each.

Medium img 5762

Medium img 5763

Medium img 5765

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Mike K.
posted over 4 years ago

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