Most comprehensive Dough Calculator

To all my Pizza & Bakers friends...

This is most likely becoming the most comprehensive dough tool/calculator out on the Net. My buddy Norm developed this handy tool to make dough recipe/formulation calculations easier and less complex, especially when using Bakers Percent.

Home Page:

Dough Calculator Page:

It is a wide-ranging tool that allows you to combine several different flours at once, let's you choose between metric, imperial or dough loading factor measurements, allows for the incorporation of poolishes, starters, preferments, etc. without much headache, features input of different pan sizes for Grandma, Sicilian, Detroit, or any pan-style pizza for that matter.

It also allows input for ambient temperature, flour temperature, friction factor of a mixer, desired dough temperature and preferment temperature and then automatically calculates the corresponding water temperature needed.

It allows to add additional notes, such as mixing times, fermentation times, etc. Furthermore, it has a function to calculate cheese and sauce amounts for any desired pizza size or pan size.

It runs on Apple's iOS, Google's Android and Windows so you can use it on any mobile phone, tablet or desktop and let's you print your calculations.

Feedback is definitely encouraged and welcome.

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Mike K.
posted 7 months ago

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Looks Promising, I will let you know, thanks.

Mr Mike
posted 6 months ago

It would be really great if we could actually download an app so we are not dependent on wifi/browser and could play with the app any time. Even if we must be on the net, I would prefer a direct app. You could probably push limited Ads for a free version like from a flour, cheese, or tomatoe company or any of a million pizza products when we are near wifi.

Mr Mike
posted 6 months ago

Look for “Doughcalc” in the App Store

- Mike   5 months ago

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