My First Attempt at a Pizza Romana

I tried my hand at a Pizza Romana last night. I feel like this pizza is a work of art with a big WOW!!! factor when bringing it to the table. This was the hardest pizza I've made so far ... lots of moving parts. I had everything prepped and ready to go to help minimize any errors or omissions. When I make this one again, I will make two football ovals of dough instead of one large one ... one smaller football oval for each 14"x12" pizza segment. This would have made getting the dough onto the pastry board much easier with less worry of it folding over onto itself. After eight hours of room temperature rising it was a big, expansive piece of dough. Since I need to trim the dough with a pizza wheel once it's on the peel, I can still make sure each section is exactly the same size. I used a tape measure to help make sure each section was similar in size. Practice does makes perfect! I couldn't find fresh figs (limited time of year they're in season) as the recipe called for. It would be nice to add a note to the Pizza Bible suggesting using fig jam instead of fresh figs if they're out of season ... similar to fig jam used with the Cal-Italia.

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Paul S.
posted almost 4 years ago

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Beautiful pizza Paul! I have glanced/scanned the recipe and it looks interesting. What I think is cool about this pizza is that you can make several different combinations altogether at once (i.e.) vegetarian, meats, cheese, etc. I look forward to trying this one out. Wow, I better get a friend and my appetite though, that is a big pizza.

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Matthew D.
posted almost 4 years ago


I'm quite impressed that you bought the monster-sized peel and attempted this style. It's intimidating and one even I haven't tried yet. As with any style, you'll get real good at it after a few tries. I'd make a few suggestions:

First, use a dough docker. This style is meant to be thin and flat, a docker will help with this.

Second, trim the edges. It'll be neater, and they won't taper so you'll get a more even and consistent rim.

Finally, spreading the cheese a little closer to the edge will help with the aesthetic.

Again, great job on this! If I'm not mistaken, it's the first Romana post I've seen on the site. :-)


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 3 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I learned from this experience too ... taking stock of what worked and what didn't. I did dock the dough but will be more aggressive next time in flattening in the edges. Yes, I completely forgot to trim the edges after the bake to give it the illusion of a single pie. I will definitely spread the cheese out to the edges better next time too.

I know right :-) I now have this big ass wooden peel ... I did use it to slice and serve the Grandma pie last weekend as it's wider than most traditional cutting boards.

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Paul S.
posted over 3 years ago

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