Napoletan Dough question from the bible

Hi there,

I am just messing around with the bakers percentages of the napoletan dough recipe from tony

could somebody help me with this please ? i dont get it ... perhaps its a mistake in the book (although i cannot think so ...)

bakers percentages for the napoletan dough with starter say:
62% hydration
20% starter
TOTAL hydration 65%

how ?

when i make say a dough with 1000 g flour
i use 620 g of water
than i use the starter (poolish 20%) which is 100 g flour and 100 g water

620 g water (62% hydration) and the 100 g water from the poolish
= 720 g Water = 72 % hydration overall

am i missing something ?

Robert U.
posted 10 months ago

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Hi Robert, will have to take a closer look at The Pizza Bible when I get home tonight, but if I recall correctly, the amount of poolish called for is 100 grams total: 50 grams water, 50 grams flour.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 10 months ago

Hey raj!
Sorry but now I got it !

Robert U.
posted 10 months ago

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