Napoletana Dough without starter - tips

Hi all,

I am new to the community and just purchased "The Pizza Bible", which is very interesting. I have a simple question about the Napoletana Dough.

I have seen Tony's recipe on the book but I am interested on the same recipe without the starter.

Anyone knows how should I change the Napoletana dough to remove the starter?

Claudio A.
posted 12 months ago

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If you check out bakers percentages you will see the neapolitan dough without the starter and can formulate it from there.

Tonys neapolitan is adjusted to a home oven, and with a neapolitan pizza ranging from 60%-70% hydration he puts his slap dab in the middle at 65%.

I Have been messing with the dough hydrations for the last 3 years and have found for me I prefer 62% hydration.

An example of this dough is

1000 g 00 flour
620 g water
2 g instant yeast
20 g sea salt
10 g malt (if you want) I use the broiler method and find that malt makes it brown TOO much on occasion

Andrew M.
posted 11 months ago

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