Napolitana Dough Weight

What should the dough weigh for Napolitana pizza? According to the book the recipe is for three balls at 255grams each but that seems small. Please help

Raffi S
posted about 3 years ago

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The dough weight for pizzas in the book are for 13" pizzas. What size are you looking to make?

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Maria .
posted about 3 years ago

Thank you,

- Raffi   about 3 years ago

The AVPN guidelines for true Neapolitan pizza call for dough weighing between 180 and 250 grams. It is definitely on the lighter side but works well because the style is so simple and elegant. The book suggests 225grams (as opposed to 255 grams). If you're making a few balls, you should try 225, 250 and 275 to see what works for you. Unless you're competing or selling these pizzas "True Neapolitan style" you shouldn't be afraid to experiment and do what works for you.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 3 years ago

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