Neapolitan Dough Recipe Without Starter?

Hi Guys -

Love the book (especially the Neapolitan pizza contest story - awesome stuff Tony). I have been making Neapolitan pizzas for about a year now and use the same directions/amounts when making my dough. See below:

390 g00 Pizza Flour (100%)
230 gWater, Cold (59%)
1 gYeast, Instant (0.3%)
6 gSalt, Kosher (1.5%)

Bulk ferment for ~24 hrs in fridge, then ball, and another ~24 hrs in fridge. Does this recipe sound right? Any opinions?

I am trying to look into different recipes/amounts and obviously want to try Tony's, but I am wondering how to modify the recipe if I choose to omit the Poolish starter? Is making a starter difficult? What is the function of a starter? Why use that over bulk fermentation? Why can you only keep a starter in the fridge for 8 hours? Also, why is there no degassing step when making Neapolitan dough??


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Kevin M.
posted 4 months ago

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