New England Greek Style Pizza

I tried my hand at New England Greek pizza tonight. I took a few shortcuts-- mainly I didn't use the right cheese and sauce. That said, I was very pleased with the results. Unfortunately, I overcooked it. I'm still getting used to my oven.

Tomorrow I will try again with a more suitable cheese and sauce.

Here are the details:

500F bake for 9 mins.
550 grams Bread flour (Mondako)
346 grams water 63% hydration
2 2/3 tsp sugar
1.75 tsp salt
2/3 tsp IDY
1 tsp olive oil

Medium ne greek 01

Medium ne greek 02

Medium ne greek 03

Medium ne greek 04

Medium ne greek 05

Medium ne greek 06

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

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When did you make your dough Raj? That oven is cooking well. Especially since you used Mondako which is a bleached flour. Doesn't look bad at all. I like some char.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

I did a 24 hour rise on the dough. The rim was passable, but the bottom was definitely overdone. I've got one more ball. Will try again tomorrow with a different sauce. Also, I will mix in some mild provolone.

- Raj   almost 5 years ago

Looks great, Raj. I'm curious to know whether your Baker's Pride has top and bottom heat?

- Mike   almost 5 years ago

Thanks Mike! This one has both top and bottom heat.

- Raj   almost 5 years ago

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