Hi, i've been making pizza for a year already, but i've never been able to replicate or do anything close to New Haven type of pizza. Once i saw that the used wood fire oven but they baked those pies for about 8 minutes, so i wonder how much heat do they use to end up with something similar to that?.

Any information that people could share would be valuable please, since i'm obsessed with these pies.

As far as i know, tomato sauce uses garlic, basil, maybe some fennel.

Thank you !!

Pablo Martinez
posted 9 months ago

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I thought they typically were baked in a coal oven at 1000 degrees!

Tony makes them this way I believe. But you probably are not going to have a coal oven and a coal supplier.

However, I have see decent places outside of New Haven use much cooler 600-650 degree deck or rotary ovens with a much longer bake time besides wood which is usually in the 900-950 degree range.

I would think you could also use one of those high temp electric ovens that are like 800-932 degrees. If you are looking for a small oven at home to meet those temps then check out a Turbo Chef Fire, Waring WPO750, or an Italforni TKA deck. Also if you could get a hold of a small Pizzamaster oven from Sweden, they are the best electric available imo.

Mr Mike
posted 8 months ago

Good call out Mr. Mike. New Haven style pizzas are cooked in high-temp ovens, but are coal fired rather than wood fired. Pablo, my guess is those pies cook for only 2-3 minutes, which would mean temp is in the 750F+ range.

Since coal is a "drier" source of heat than wood, you might be able to lower the hydration (amount of water) level in your dough to compensate if the end result isn't as dry you'd like.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 8 months ago

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