New Jersey Style pizza sauce

I was lucky enough to find an acquaintance who has an account at Restaurant Depot. I was able to get my hands on a can of Stanislaus 7/11 and Big Red paste. I'm planning to use the entire can for a pizza party for my kids and their friends. I have 3 questions...

1) How much salt do I use with a whole can of 7/11 and the prescribed amt of paste? The Pizza Bible has it at a "pinch" with amount of sauce for 2 pizzas. I'm at a loss to translate "pinch" to the larger amount of sauce. I have the same question for oregano.

2) In previous attempts to replicate the NY/NJ taste, the fresh tomato taste from the sauce seemed to be missing or masked by cheese. What might I be doing wrong? I tried to follow the The Pizza Bible to the letter.

3) Is it true that salt has an "opposite" effect on tomato sauce? That is, salt, up to a point, makes tomato sauce salt on watermelon?

Thanks much in advance for any input.

Ed C.
posted almost 4 years ago

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My experience with the 7/11's is that they already contain salt so I try not to add too much more. Maybe a tablespoon for the large can but I would recommend adding the salt gradually and then tasting frequently.

in regards to the cheese masking your sauce it might have to do with how much cheese you are adding. Also I sometimes add sauce after adding cheese as some restaurants do and this really changes the flavor balance.

Jon D.
posted almost 4 years ago

That's a great way to approach it Jon. Also worth mentioning is that salt can take some time to dissolve. So, if after adding salt, the sauce isn't salty enough, give it a few seconds. This is also why fine sea salt is preferable to coarse sea salt.

And somewhat unrelated, don't use iodized table salt! It imparts a bad flavor. :-)

Finally, regarding a "pinch", in cooking a pinch sometimes refers to a specific amount. Check out this Wikipedia article:

I'd recommend going with 1/16 tsp, and going up from there if necessary.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 4 years ago

Hi, yes I agree, you really have to taste it and decide for yourself. Everyone has a different salt preference level. I have the 7/11 as well and I did not add much salt to it when I made the sauce. The second NY style pizza I made I added more cheese and it masked the sauce. (I was excited about using some Buffala mozzarella) Honestly - use Tony's weight measurements. Even if it seems like it is not enough (seemed to me like too little sauce first time I made it) the pizza comes out perfectly balanced and delicious. He has vetted these recipes completely and explained each step very very diligently. I am spoiled and annoyed with all my other baking recipes now - I can't tolerate that they don't tell me what temperature my water or liquids should be. :)

Heidi M.
posted almost 4 years ago

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