New Pizza Cookbook: A Passion for Pizza

Yesterday, I picked up a copy of the new pizza book A Passion for Pizza: A Journey Through Thick and Thin to find the Pizza Elite:

I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts. It was a quick read. I was able to go through it in a little under 2 hours.

The first few parts of the book were a survey of the best pizzerias in the US and Italy. The last part of the book consisted of a few dozen pizza recipes.

I loved that the author's included Sam's Pizza in Brooklyn and thought the first part of the book was great.

I'm lukewarm on the recipes part of the book. When I saw the list of pizzas in the table of contents, my eyes lit up. However, the recipes are much more focused on the toppings than the dough.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

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I have not tried any of the recipes in the book but I didn't get too excited about them, as well.

The book was more of an informative read, showcasing the pizzerias in Italy & the US and their individual stories behind them. There is some valuable information in this book, though. In particularly the Pizza Consultant section, Franco Pepe giving his insight into flours, Sicilian salts and the sections of equipment, flours, tomatoes and what not.

However, it doesn't provide a whole lot of new info that we don't already know. And it does not go as deep into pizza, recipes and ingredients as Tony's Pizza Bible.

Other than that, I think it is absolutely worth owning this book.

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Mike K.
posted over 4 years ago

Hey Raj!

Any interesting tips, tricks or recipes?

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Aleksander J.
posted over 4 years ago

The stories and pizza makers featured in this book are great. Craig one of the authors is an amazing guy. I really appreciate everything he did to put this book together.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted over 4 years ago

Thanks Tony! Books is going on my shelf: to be read:-)

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Aleksander J.
posted over 4 years ago

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