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HI , I live in India and wish to set up a start up. I am planning to purchase s spiral mixer to mix the dough, a dough divider and rounder, a pizza roller machine and to decide between a conveyor oven or a wood/gas fired rotating oven from Europe.

I need to know the temperatures at which the cold fermentation is to be done so that I can order out the units to suit my capacity.

Also as high gluten flour is not available, I can procure wheat gluten and add it to the flour to standardised at 14 % ( usually flour is 9-10%) , I am a retired professional industrial baker and do have a small lab where I can check out the gluten percentage.

Does the particle size of flour make difference to the end product?

Any advise would be highly appreceated.

Avi Mutchall

Avninder Mutchall
posted about 3 years ago

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Hi Avi,

Welcome to the site, and great questions. As a fellow Indian, I'm very excited that you're taking on this endeavor. There are a lot of chain pizzerias in India, but I think true, artisanal pizza is something that is still missing.

So, I'll start by answering your question with a question: What is the end result your going for? Is there a specific style or do you have a picture of the pizza you'd like to make? I ask because the answer to this question affects which ingredients (e.g. flour) and equipment you'll need (e.g. oven).

I would recommend, as a starting point, making small batches by hand to get close to your ideal dough formulation. Once you have that, then you can figure out how to scale it and determine what equipment you'll need to go into production.

That said, here are some specific answers to your questions:

I cold ferment at around 40F. It's also important to look at dough temperature right after the mix.

Regarding flour and gluten, I don't know a whole lot about adding gluten to increase protein %. My guess is, even if you do that, you won't end up with the equivalent of a high gluten flour. Again, what's the end result your going for? If you want to make a Neapolitan style pizza, then you don't need high gluten flour. If you want to make a New York style pizza, you would want a bread flour or a high gluten flour.

Particle size does make a difference. In general, it's assumed that 00 flour, or flour that's finely milled, is low in protein. For the most part, it's true. But Tony Gemignani, author of The Pizza Bible, has a high gluten 00 flour. This article provides a little more detail on finely milled flours:

Hope this helps a little bit. Other people will answer too, but please let us know if you have additional questions.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 3 years ago

Hi Raj,
Good to hear from you, As there are pizza chains , nothing artisanal upto now in India, I am aiming to start to provide a fine international quality pizza at value pricing s. You would be surprised even in my city ( Hyderabad )there is shortage of skilled manpower and wish to standardise the whole process.
As a baker , I understand flour is the key, In a country where good flour is absent, we dont have a choice but to go in for use of gluten addition and use of some enzymes to aid. I would like to use the long fermentation and 40 F is 4 C.
I dont know which style to begin with, but it has to be different from the chain made like Pizza Hut and Dominoes.

I bought the Pizza bible which arrived yesterday. I will start experimenting with home baked pizza using a the domestic Kenwood unit at my home with the J hook.


- Avninder   about 3 years ago

Hi Avi,
I cam across this post while searching for high gluten flour. I would like to know if you were successful in getting the right kind of flour? Did you try adding commercial wheat gluten to the standard flour (Maida) or were you able to source the natural high gluten wheat flour. Do let me know how your search panned out.
- Raghavendra

Raghavendra Sondur
posted over 2 years ago

Hello Avi,
I am also a pizza enthusiast from hyderabad and i am on the search to find high strength flour. i came across this website called . They are based in mumbai and sell flour in bulk. i believe they charge about Rs.95/kg. minimum shipment size is 20kgs.
they have a bunch of premixes available as well.
Hope this helps!
Also, let me know if you find any locally sourced high strength dough..

sanjay kaza
posted almost 2 years ago

Hi Sanjay,
I too am a pizza enthusiast from Hyderabad. I am constantly on the lookout for pizza (and bread) flour and equipment in India. It would be great if I could get in touch with you and exchange knowledge on making good pizza in India!

Ashwin B.
posted about 1 year ago

Hi Avninder,
I too am from Hyderabad. Have you managed to set up your pizza place?
Would love to come visit sometime. Been on the lookout for good pizza places in Hyderabad but haven't found too many.

Rahul S.
posted 12 months ago

Just like when you go to prepare a dough recipe...make sure you account for the tempid climate there.

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James Arlotta
posted 9 months ago

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