New store possibility with questions!

I live in a town with the absolute worst pizza selections, mostly chain/cardboard tasting pizza. I want to open my own place. Where I grew up had the most amazing pizza and I finally found out where his distributor is and what he usually buys.

My question is multi part but I want professional opinions. I have no experience making pizza professionally or opening a pizza place for that matter. I see all the heads shaking and I understand the apprehensions. But when my mind is set on something, I make it succeed. That's what I want to do. So, where do I start? A pizza school?

I ordered the Pizza Bible, btw. I have a starter oven for testing recipes, etc, and everyone raves on what I do so far but I KNOW it can be Tony G quality with the right pushes in the right directions. Any help is appreciated no matter how small.

Larry W.
posted 17 days ago

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