New test dough...

Whipped up another test batch yesterday eve with TG's flour and CM's malt.

Instead of using 1% malt as before and 65% hydro, I went with .5% malt and a 63% hydro and also lowered the yeast amount from 1% to 0.5% and salt was raised to 2.5% to get a more controlled and slower bulk-rise out of it without the occasional need to punch it down.

Here are the Baker's Percentages:

Flour: 100%
Water: 63%
ADY: 0.5%
Salt: 2.5%
Oil: 1.5%
Sugar: 1%
Malt: 0.5%

Mixed the dough for four minutes then did a one-hour bench rest before balling it up and refrigerating the dough. One pic shows the dough before & after 12 hours in the fridge and it has slowly risen so far, just as intended.

More on this on Sunday eve...

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Medium img 5313

Medium img 5314 side

Medium img 5314

Medium img 5316

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Mike K.
posted over 3 years ago

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Very nice. I've tried a number of different of hydration points for my New York style dough and settled on 63%. I also use a combination of sugar and malt. Pretty sure these will be fantastic.

Just picked up a larger Cambro plastic container so I can start experimenting with bulk rises.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 3 years ago


63% is/was usually my go-to hydration until TG suggested 65% in his book. I just want to find out if there are any major differences in combination with the malt. A lower hydration also slows down the fermentation process. Plus, it's a little easier to work with, to be honest. ;)

I always do my bulk rise in a metal bowl since it keeps everything much cooler than glass or plastic. Keep us posted how it works with the Cambro container.

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Mike K.
posted over 3 years ago

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