New York Margherita

Thanks to Tony, Raj, Mark S, Mike K, Chuck W for your tips and support. Using Tony's Artisan flour, two baking steels, and my home oven at 525 degrees, I created a New York style pizza that looks like it was made with Viagra added despite the fact that the dough was 4 days old (I had forgotten about it in the fridge). I was able to stretch the dough into a relatively round form and the usual "gum" zone between the crispy bottom and the sauce was imperceptible, so I assume that the second baking steel added enough heat to keep the crust baking. The dough was about 66-67%, and the surface of the dough initially and at balling at 24 hours was almost as smooth as Mike K's. Thanks for all of the help and encouragement so far.

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Ken K.
posted over 4 years ago

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Looking good Ken! What did you end up doing for sauce?

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago

I used some left-over sauce from the Sicilian pizzas that I had made last week (6-n1, Contadina paste, Bianco DiNapoli crushed tomatoes, etc), so there was a smidge of garlic and oregano. It was delicious. As I have told you, with such a flavorful crust, neither of us likes very complex toppings. I put on too much, and removed as much as I could, but there is some that slopped over the foreground cornicione. I have to say that I am pretty sold on the second baking steel after tasting this last crust made with it... BTW, we have used Trader Joe's whole milk mozzarella a few times now and like it quite well...

- Ken   over 4 years ago

Ken, pie looks awesome! I'm glad we all were of some help to you. That's what makes this little community here so much fun :)

TJ's mozza used to sell under the name North Beach Mozzarella and was produced by Cascade Dairy (Pacific Cheese Co.) in Hayward and it was one of the best out there, next to Grande. TJ's stopped using them as a supplier and have a different one now and i think the quality has gone down a notch or two.

A few weeks ago I contacted Cascade and they told me that their cheese is, for now, only available at foodservice level, which is a real bummer.

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Mike K.
posted over 4 years ago

I continue the quest for some good, decently priced mozzarella, so if you run across any that are readily available in California (central coast), please let me know. Thanks

- Ken   over 4 years ago

I'm sure you have a Safeway around. Look for their housebrand "Lucerne" whole milk mozza. Very good! has a nice tang to it and melts great.

- Mike   over 4 years ago

Although it hasn't been North Beach brand for some time now, I'm still a big fan of the whole milk Mozzarella that TJ's is stocking.

The Lucerne brand is quite nice too. I use both of these when I'm trying out new ideas and experimenting. When I have people over, I'll usually go with the Grande from Whole Foods or Mollie Stone. Not cheap!

- Raj   over 4 years ago


I don't know the prices at WF but Mollie Stone's $8.99 per lb for Grande is just plain robbery.

- Mike   over 4 years ago

We have a Von's in San Luis Obispo. They are owned by Safeway. I will see if they carry it.


Ken K.
posted over 4 years ago

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