New York style pizza

What causes the pooling of oil on top of the pizza when the pie is done. We use Baccio. What is your opinion on baccio

Johnny R.
posted almost 5 years ago

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The pooling of oil from a mozzarella cheese is a good thing. Typical high in fat which you want. A low moisture mozzarella that's whole milk is the reason and typically your dough rises at the ends and everything melts downward towards the middle causing the pool of oil. If you don't like that then switch to a part skim.
I am always looking for mozzarellas that doesn't over brown, has a nice stretch, and have a bit of oil.
This typically means it's quality mozz. I look for cheeses that have now additives or starches.
Baccio is good. I have always been a Grande user. I remeber when Baccio launched And I tested it and it performed well. I still use Grande whole milk for my NY and for my Chicago Part skim Grande.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

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