New Yorker Pizza

Hey, so I made the New Yorker Pizza from the book and as good as it was, there was no char on the bottom versus the top of the pizza. I don't own a brick oven or a pizza oven, I use my regular home oven. How do I get the same amount of char on the bottom of the pizza than I do on the top? I plan on making that particular pizza again in the near future and wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

Lowell Cohen
posted almost 3 years ago

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This is my go to style/recipe. Dough fermenting as I type. I use a stone on top rack and baking steel on lower rack in my electric oven. I start the pie on the steel and finish on the stone. The bottom turns out great every time.

Gene H
posted almost 3 years ago

Hi Lowell,

There's a lot of different factors that come in to play, and I won't pretend that I'm the expert who could answer you completely even if you supplied them. That being said, I think that there at least a couple of things that are easy to start with:
1.) Make sure that your stone or steel has been preheated enough. Start with at least an hour. If that doesn't help, preheat for a little longer (+15-30 minutes) next time.
2.) Don't turn the broiler on immediately, let the bottom start to cook a little bit first. This will increase the overall cooking time, the top not baking nearly as quickly as before, but the bottom will have more time to brown and char.

Christopher S.
posted almost 3 years ago

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