NO Diastatic Malt in SF!?

I was wanting to start my Master Class dough today (Friday) for a get together (with someone else doing the same thing) on Sunday, allowing for the 48 hours. However, I've been on a wild goose chase across San Francisco all afternoon - 2 brew stores and 2 recommended grocery stores. The brew stores do NOT carry diastatic malt as is indicated in the book. The man in one store said he wasn't 100% sure, so I bought the Breiss Pilsen Light Dried Malt Extract since I was there and it was only $4. However I called the company when I got home to see if it was diastatic. It's not. Long, condescending explanation that if you're at low temperatures you wouldn't need it to be diastatic, who cares what the recipe says (I just wanted off the phone, but could have easily said to him "this is TONY'S recipe!"). So I went to the next brew store and again, no diastatic malt there either. No luck at either grocery store (they don't even carry malt) or at Whole Foods, which was recommended by one of the brew store clerks.

Why would the book say go to a brew store? And I live in SF, I assume near where Tony lives...? This was supposed to be a fun activity. And now it's just frustration.... Apparently I should have ordered online. I'm at a loss for tonight/this weekend.

Scott S.
posted over 3 years ago

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THIS is the diastatic malt you want:

It is exactly the same as the one from Central Milling and the one Tony recommends. It is low-diastatic malt which is important. I do not think you will find this type of malt in any store in SF or surrounding counties unless you try a special Baker's supply shop such as Keith Giusto's in Petaluma.

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Mike K.
posted over 3 years ago

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