Non soggy Neapolitan pizza


I love authentic Neapolitan pizza but really don't like the soggy centre. I have a Woodfired oven and have more recently been making new York style pizza as it is more crowd pleasing. My Local pizza restaurant makes an amazing Neapolitan pizza that is also stiff enough to hold. Any suggestions how I can achieve this?

Angus Y.
posted 14 days ago

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I see 3 possible reasons: 1/ too much tomato sauce or toping. In this case the dough cannot be baken properly. The tomatoe toping must be very thin like described in the book 2/the dough is too thin in the center 3/ The floor of your oven is not warm enough.
The Napoletana pizza (with poolish starter) I did was not soggy in the center.

Woody U.
posted 1 day ago

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