Pizza Balls rise flat

On many occasions, I've made pizza dough balls. However, sometimes my dough balls rise flat side ways instead of raising upwards.

Do you think it's because my dough balls are too hydrated and needed more flour?

Cindy C.
posted about 1 year ago

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I've just made my first pizza from the book (master recipe with starter) and I obviously did something wrong because it was so sticky, I couldn't ball it at all.

I ended up putting it into the fridge in a bit of a big lump lol so I will keep a close eye on mine to see how they rise.

John Soden
posted about 1 year ago

dough ball does not rise upward. Instead, after it is fully matured, it should expand side way and being flat.

Francis Ho
posted about 1 year ago

That's good to know that the dough balls raise sideways and not upwards. I thought I was doing something wrong. Thanks for confirming.😊

- Cindy   about 1 year ago

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