Pizza Bible: CF at which temperature?

could you please give some details about the temperature that you intended for cold fermentation? It doesn't say in the book and I believe that most problems I had when following the dough management procedure from the book might be due to our fridge being too warm (7°C). My dough was overly soft and extensible in a way that I only needed to look at it and it would stretch to a two feet diameter ;)

I did set it to 4°C now and the results were much better, but I wanted to have your expert's view on this matter.

Thanks a lot!

Ulli Haus
posted over 2 years ago

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I'd set the fridge temp to about 2-3°C, maybe 4 as you mentioned, and would keep the dough on the lowest shelf.

Hope that helps.

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Mike K.
posted about 2 years ago

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