Pizza dough

Hello, pizza teacher!
I'm from China, and I'm honored to buy the pizza bible in China. For me, this pizza bible is not only a food book, but also a food book
He's so great for a startup book!
There is a lot do not understand, please advise
1. Several flour brands mentioned in this book, tomato paste brands cannot be purchased in China
2. Can we make pizza with Chinese flour?
3. The temperature cold storage mentioned in the book has been fermented for 48 hours. Is all flour suitable for this fermentation?
4. Operate in the shop. If there are no customers, the dough will be stored at room temperature
Because the book says that the dough just got out of the fridge can't be sent straight to the oven, but when will the guests arrive
5,Italian powder 00, can it be used with other flour
6, If the refrigerator dough has been fermenting for 48 hours but has not been used up, can it still be used after 48 hours?Just throw it away?
7, Chinese flour is not suitable for pizza?

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ning xu
posted 8 months ago

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