Pizza Dough Recipe needed

I'm hoping someone can help me here with a pizza dough recipe for a commercial gas oven that reaches 300 degrees (C) or 572 (F) and a recipe for same day dough rise.

I've made Neapolitan dough for woodfire and did 24hr proving the AVPN way which is great. However, I just can't get it right for gas oven. I'm after a Neapolitan type fluffy crust outcome from a commercial gas oven, not using pizza stone

I've tried 3 Neapolitan flours (Le5Stagioni, Caputo Classica & Caputo Cuoco). All three turned out horrible in gas oven when testing. Both Caputo flours tasted like sour dough.

Phase 1 - Proved whole dough for 30 mins
Phase 2 - Proved balls for 8hrs - Then baked

Here's the recipe I used to test in gas oven:
500gr Flour (Tipo 00)
300mls water
20gr salt
2gr fresh yeast
7gr sugar
16mls oil
If anyone in pizza world can help, it would be much appreciated.

Cindy C.
posted almost 2 years ago

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Hi Cindy, thanks for including what you've tried so far. It's always more helpful to give recommendations when there's something to go from.

A few thoughts:

Oven temp- For a traditional Neapolitan style, you'll need a higher oven temp. It doesn't mean you can't make a great pizza, but you won't get the leopard spots that are characteristic of this style.

Hydration- Your dough should be a little "wetter". Try increasing from 300 grams to 315 grams. This is called hydration. 60% hydration (300g water/500g flour = 60%) is on the lower side.

Sugar and oil- Traditional Neapolitan doughs don't use sugar or oil. Just flour, water, salt & yeast. That said, there's nothing wrong with it. And if your oven can't get hot enough, both of these will help with browning. You'll get even browning though, not the spots.

Fermentation time- Can you tell use more about how your letting the dough rise? Based on the 8 hour proof time, the amount of yeast (0.4%) and the sour flavor, my guess is the dough needs to be in a cooler environment. Longer, colder fermentation times tend to produce far superior results.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 2 years ago

Hi Raj,
Thank you for responding. I absolutely agree that Neapolitan dough doesnt have oil or sugar. I only used those ingredients based on a YouTube video where a Neapolitan pizziolo was making Neapolitan pizza on home oven at lower temperatures than the usually 400+ woodfire ovens.

I proved my dough for 8hrs at room temperature in a cool place as instructed on youtube video. It appears that no matter what, pizza dough should prove minimum 24hrs. I wont be following that youtube clip anymore.

I also used a 13in aluminium flat pan for oven. Its didnt bake pizza at all. It made the base sweat.

What I need is a recipe for a commercial gas oven that heats maximum 300 degrees celcius.

In addition, advice on types of pizza pans to use for commercial gas oven. Is it worth using a pan with holes at bottom.

- Cindy   almost 2 years ago

What is the floor of your oven made of? If the floor is made of stone, you should put it directly on there. For a conveyor oven, people use screens.

I'd recommend at least trying a 24 hour period to see the difference, from there you can adjust accordingly. It's helpful to think of time and temperature as ingredients.

- Raj   over 1 year ago

Oven is gas conveyor. I'll try using a pizza screen. Thanks for your advice.

- Cindy   over 1 year ago

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