Pizza Dough Temperature before opening?

I have been making the NY style pizza dough using the master dough with a starter and then I cold ferment it for 48 hours. I remove it from the fridge 2 hours before I plan to put it in the oven, but I noticed after 1 hour it starts to form bubbles. I'm able to open the dough and I dock it to prevent more bubbles appearing since I go for a thin crust.
If anyone can assist me to let me know what is the proper dough temperature to start opening my pizza dough prior to launching in the oven?

Marylou L.
posted about 1 year ago

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It really varies. Many NY style pizzerias take their dough straight out of the fridge and open their dough. Others leave it out for a while.

That said, 2 hours seems like a lot. Start with 1 hour and adjust up or down in 15 minute increments. It might take a few tries but you'll be able to get it dialed in pretty quickly.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 1 year ago

I prefer my doughs to come up to an internal temperature between 60-65°F before opening. Times until they reach that temperature vary and are dependent on ambient temperature. You would also need an instant-read thermometer such as these in the link:

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Mike K.
posted about 1 year ago

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