Pizza pizza on vacation.

So I recently was on a big family vacation and my wife asked I make some pizzas while on vacation. Because we rented a house to accommodate 3 large families I wasn't sure if it would have the tools I needed to make standard pizzas so I played it safe and just brought my Sicilian pan with me in my luggage, luckily Walmart was close by so I was able to get workable ingredients. I ended up making around 7 pizzas in total in the week span lol.

I used KAF bread flour , best Olive oil , cheese I could find and Cento tomatoes. Mixed all by hand since a didn't have a mixer at the house but I didn't bring my scale with me so all ingredients were measured. I took the dough recipe from the Bible and just multiplied it by 2 as I made batches of 2 at a time due to pans and space.

So I had two big bowls available to me plus 2 pans I literally followed the bulk CF to the balled pan ferment and just swapped out when I cooked a batch and had another batch CFing.

Sorry I don't have a ton of pics but here is 2 of the pizzas from the group. All in all I think they came out pretty well most of all I had so much fun cooking them. Most importantly the house we rented had Viking appliances man so awesome !!

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Salvatore C.
posted over 2 years ago

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Wow, those look absolutely amazing. I've rented vacation houses before and have been hesitant to make pizzas because of an unfamiliar kitchen/equipment. Looks like worked out pretty well.

And yes, making pizzas in a group setting is a lot of fun.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 2 years ago

Thanks Raj!

I was very hesitant as I never cooked without my tools and/or the comfort of my own kitchen but it was fun and worth it !!

- Salvatore Francesco   over 2 years ago

love that you took your pizza pans on vacation! that's hardcore! pies look great. is that sausage w/pepperoni?

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Maria .
posted about 2 years ago

Thanks Maria!
Yes one is pep and sausage

- Salvatore   about 2 years ago


That's pretty inpressive and the pies look dyamite! Very cool.

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Mike K.
posted about 2 years ago

those pies look delicious :D

Ulli Haus
posted about 2 years ago

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