Pizza Romana - instruction clarification?

I'm making Pizza Romana this Saturday. The dough recipe says to allow it to rise for 24-48 hours in the refrigerator and then to let it rise for 8 hours at room temperature in a football shape after that.

My confusion is this ... the directions for making the pizza (similar to most recipes in the Pizza Bible) says to take it out of the refrigerator, leave wrapped, let it come up to 60 degrees and then dust with semolina. I'm assuming this instruction is wrong as the dough is already dusted and has been rising at room temperature for 8 hours. At this point the dough has been rising for 56 hours (48 refrigerator & 8 at room temperature). It seems wrong that we would wrap it again and put it back into the refrigerator and do another dusting after it comes back up to room temperature for the second time. Any help? Anyone made this one before? Thanks!

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Paul S.
posted almost 4 years ago

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Hey Paul! Apologies for the delay. I was looking into this for you. You are correct. Please ignore the first line on page 228:

"Remove the dough ball from the refrigerator and leave wrapped at room temperature until the dough warms to 60F to 65F."

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 4 years ago

Thanks Raj! I figured it had to be an mistake with the instructions. A simple fix for the next edition of the Pizza Bible.

- Paul   almost 4 years ago

The eBook versions will get updated immediately. We'll also update the errata section of the site. Good luck with the Romana!

- Raj   almost 4 years ago

You are correct Paul and thanks for your post. Looks like we need to remove the first line of instruction on page 228 and just start with Set up the oven and some added text. I have already messaged my publisher. Thanks again for all the posts, your pizzas always look amazing.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 4 years ago

Thanks Tony!

- Paul   almost 4 years ago

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