Prepare pizza dough for sale. What is the best way to pack?

Hi, all of you!
I'm working on a new pizza concept with pizza boxes where you get delivered everything you need for 3 great pizzas Friday night. Like dough, Tomato sauce, toppings, cheese etc. in a cold box.
I've done some testing on how to store the dough for the customers. So far I've tried in buckets and bags with and without oil on the dough. The best results I'm getting is in a bag with the dough covered in a small amount of olive oil. Then it doesn't stick too much in the bag. The 2nd best is in a plastic bucket w/lid.
Do you have a great and cheap way to store your dough for the fermentation? What is your experience?

The dough we are using is with le 5 stagioni Flour, 63% hydration, and a poolish starter.

Thank you in advance :-)


Jesper Rasmussen
posted over 1 year ago

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Hi Jesper,

When I make dough at home, it's usually stored in round plastic or glass containers. But I've noticed in stores, at Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, dough usually comes in plastic bags. This is obviously for cost reasons.

Baking Steel just started selling dough and they come in plastic deli containers. Here's a picture from their site.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 1 year ago

Thank you for the reply, Raj!
Du you cover the dough in (olive) oil or something else before putting it into the containers?
Yes, I've seen the ones from The baking steel, and i'm thinking that it is the way to do it. On the picture you have attached it looks like there is some extra oil in the right container?

Well, there will be some more testing in the future :)

Jesper Rasmussen
posted over 1 year ago

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