Proofing in a picnic cooler instead of a refrigerator?

I am wondering if it is possible to proof my "master recipe" dough in glad bowls in a cooler (Coleman/ Igloo) instead of a refrigerator? I am having a pizza party for family and do not have enough space in the refrigerator for 6 dough balls. I plan on filling the cooler with a layer of ice and adding ice as needed to keep the dough balls chilled.

Also, when using the glad bowls- is it OK to seal them tight, or should there be a pin prick in the bowls to let air/ gas escape (I read that on the internet)?

I made the master recipe with TIGA starter once so far and it was good. My dough did not rise much in the refrigerator but I think my book said 25% was an appropriate rise.

Thanks to anyone who can offer input!

Betsy J.
posted about 4 years ago

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Hi Betsy,

If you can maintain a consistent temperature then, it should be fine to use a cooler. In the past I've experimented with using a cooler to do the opposite: create a warmer environment for my dough to rise. I ended up placing a lightbulb, and after some trial and error was able to get the temperature I wanted.

I'd place some ice in the cooler, as well as a thermometer in and check every few hours to see if the temperature stays constant.

Regarding bowls, I put all of my balls in plastic bowls and seal them tight with the lid. If you expect the dough balls to rise a lot, then the top might pop off if there's not enough room or pressure builds up. You can avoid this by taking the lid off for a few seconds after some period of time. It's never been an issue for me since the dough I make is lower in yeast.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 4 years ago


- Betsy   about 4 years ago

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