Proper way for cold bulk fermentation

Hi. I ordered the book pizza bible today from amazon it will arrive between 2 to 5 days. Would like to ask what the best method I can make for my caputo pizzeria 00 to make more elastic, leopard spots on it's crust, and a fluffy edge. Do I need to add oil? I used to make a Neapolitan dough with pizza oil, without oil it always make the side of my dough dry. Dough with the top view have no oil and have 62% hydration cooked with the gas brick oven (788 F), while the other dough (shot from it's side) have 66% hydration and with oil cooked with (680 F). Can someone give me a proper advice on how can i improve it

Medium 66  3rd day side

Medium autolyze 1 hr  bulk 4 hrs  62  2nd day  1

Darryl Cayetano
posted 8 months ago

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Hi Darryl, nice looking pies. Neapolitan dough shouldn't have any oil in it-- just flour, water, salt and yeast. That said, it's up you. Most of the time when people add oil, it's because they need a browning agent because their oven won't get hot enough.

How long are you fermenting your dough for?

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 8 months ago

hi sir, it's fermented for 2 days. Actually I'm tryin to make a NEOpolitan, since im not following the standard way how they make Neapolitan. I just to know what would be the best way how to bulk ferment my dough.
my recipe is
Caputo blue 100%
water 62%
salt 3.5%
oil 2%
starter 20%

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Darryl Cayetano
posted 8 months ago

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