Hi this is probably a stupid question. If I want to make double the amount of dough for say the master dough or Neapolitan do I just double the ingredient up. Only reason I ask is just did not know if it would be too much yeast and the dough would go mad when cooking.

Andy B.
posted 8 days ago

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Not a dumb question at all, but yes, you would double all the ingredients including the yeast.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 7 days ago

Brilliant many thanks. Doing pizzas for all my daughter bridesmaids the night before the wedding and there are loads of them.

Andy B.
posted 6 days ago

I have done as Raj wrote. The dough recipes seem to scale quite well. What I have found, though, is that my KitchenAid has a limit of about 1400 gm of flour, which is my upper limit of dough. That actually helped me once when I was making two double batches of dough for Sicilian pizzas--I forgot to add salt to the first dough, so I doubled the salt in the second dough, mixed them before the first rest period, and never experienced an issue with the dough.

Ken K.
posted 2 days ago

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