Random Sicilian style questions

1. The dough recipes that Tony has in the book vary in amount between 1100 gm for the dough with starter and 990 gm for the dough without the starter for the same size pizza. That is about a 10% difference in quantity, which is noticeable, but the finished product is not that much different. I am just wondering why Tony might not have provided recipes that produced similar quantities for the same size pan.....

2. How high do people allow the dough to rise before baking? I have not had a "real" Sicilian pie, just what we make at home, and we love the juxtaposition of the crunchy bottom with the moist, rich, "springy" crumb. At some point in sizing and "rising" the pizza there is either a too large a crumb to topping ratio or too small a crumb to crunchy crust ratio. I am not asking this because I think that there is an ideal ratio, but, rather, just out of curiosity, about how others experience this style and what it is that they favor or dislike about the style. For us it is 1, a friend of ours loves "meatzas", so I wanted to provide a strong base to support the "load" for him other than the pre-baked low quality crusts that he purchases in the market, 2, we love, as I wrote, the juxtaposition of the crunchy fried bottom crust with the rich, chewy crumb, and 3, it lends itself to entertaining as it creates less of a mess as well as the ability to serve more people more quickly at almost the same time (since the crust is par-baked, two pizzas can be topped and baked at the same time with the two steels that we have. Having been motivated by #1, it turns out that we really like the style!

This is last night's effort. The slice photo was about average for height---- 3/4"-1" on average, as the dough does not rise exactly evenly... This one was made with Tony's Artisan flour, which has become our favorite with All Trumps second so far....

Medium 4 sicilian

Medium 5sicilian

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